JAC T6 exportation ranking in No.3 till to July, as main leaders of Chinese brands

Up to July, JAC T6 pickup exporting quantity has reached above 2400 units in 2018, over 50% growth compare with last year. At present JAC T6 is ranking in No.3 during all Chinese pickup exportation. This is the third year JAC T6 pickup launched in the international markets growing more than 50% annually, totally in nearly 50 countries.

In 2018, JAC create '6T' marketing strategy specially for T6 pickup due to the difference of Pickup with other light commercial vehicle, or any other passenger car vehicle, which include Train storm, Trade fair, Test drive, Tale of customers, Tactic of ATL promotion, Technology assessment. With such a special marketing strategy, it will be more clear and easier to guide the distributors to catch up the core demand from the target customer and delivery the value of T6 to the customers.

With the continuously pursuing on the high quality and cost performance, JAC T6 has been widely liked by the overseas customers, as one of the new leaders in Chinese brands. JAC is always to follow up the customers'core demand and provide more value accordingly, so T6 pickup will be a perfect partner for both of you life and work. Just rely on it!