N75 Light-duty Truck

The World Class Truck for Effective Work

Highly-efficiency Operation

Built with American-European research & development style and standard, our N-series light-duty truck are well received world famous customers such as DHL, Coca-Cola, Deppon Express and other government tender. The light-duty truck have been exported to more than 75 countries and regions, with accumulative sales of more than 100,000 units dominating with over 30% market share in some countries.

Optimised steering system to reduce the power required and keep stability while running at different speeds. The light-truck is also equipped with vacuum clutch booster to deduce clutch pedal control force. By updating the transmission and international gear layout has made the gears shift easily. The plate type electronic accelerator pedal and programmable hall sensor can make the pedal more comfortable.

Comfortable and Convenient

The perfect combination of comfortable interior design and grand exterior image can make you drive conveniently and practically whenever and wherever you are.

The cab rear suspension uses the leading “silicone rubber cushion” and “longitudinal stabiliser rod” to improve the driving comfort. Dual-rail has been used for driver’s seat and the distance can be increased from 180mm to 216mm.

High Loading Capacity

One-time press-forming by 6000 ton pressing machine, matched with large-ton front and rear axles and reinforced longitudinal beam have realized superior loading.

Safety Features

Cab Security
Front part of N-series truck cab support plate longitudinal beam is designed as close section and high rigid steel is used as the longitudinal beam assembly material, besides, the anti-collision girder steel is built inside the door, all of which fully guarantee passengers’ security.

Optimised Braking System
The N-series comes with double braking circuit design, front disc brake which provide more secured braking performance. By cooperating with Honeywell, we are able to develop a plate which could endure more friction. Also, ABS particularly for hydraulic braking vehicles are develop with Bosch.