T6/Frison Pickup

for Work, Comfortable for Life

Contemporary Design

The T6 is JAC's mid-size pickup, it belongs to one of the most popular segments in the market today. Styling is contemporary with design cues reminiscent of some Japanese and American pickups. Inside, its interior features a traditional dashboard with a hint of sportiness thanks to a pair of hooded analog gauges.

Drive Your Dreams

It is durable for work, comfortable for life; moreover, it is affordable for your budget. It is JAC T6/Frison pick-up, which is the perfect complement between life and work!

Elegant appearance creates the benchmark model in the segment. Sedan-like design gives the driver more comfort and advances technology brings a better driving experience.


The sixth international generation pick-up design with 1830mm ultra-wide body ensures that you can drive fashionably and comfortably.



JAC-Navistar engine brings excellent power-trains. Different engine displacements of 2.8L and 2.0L and 6 speed gearbox meet various demands from customers.

Disc Brake

T6/Frison has the big brake disk with 319mm diameter, which can effectively reduce the heat recession, and improve the braking performance.

Safety Features

9.0 Bosch ABS+EBD

Under the help of Bosch newest version, front and rear brake strength will be allocated according to the real time status, which will ensure the stability under emergency brake.

4 star C-NCAP guarantees T6/Frison driving safely

Electric Four-wheel Drive
1.8T Rear Axle